Senior Back-end Engineer

(2.8K - 7K USD Monthly)

Job ID: E00010
Location: Remote and/or Brazil

We are seeking a talent with exceptional programming language skills to work on back-end features.

What will you be doing

As a Senior Back-end Engineer your tasks will be to design, develop, test (unit/integration/etc), deploy and maintain application code. Your job will consist of activities that will impact the customer software platform.

Key responsabilities
  • Verify and ensure performance and correctness of systems in response time and throughput.
  • Design and maintain database schema for large scale and performant services.
  • Architect systems and refactor existing systems for optimal performance and reuse.
  • Participate in peer reviews and testing and contribute to automated test suites and in design reviews for new features, products, and systems.
  • Collaborate with business teams and provide early input to new product ideas and functionality.
  • Participate in the design process to build efficient, scalable and maintainable architecture.
  • Collect and analyze metrics to drive implementation decisions.
  • Design, improve and document processes.
  • Review and collaborate with other engineers on their code.
  • Support your team through encouragement and by leading by example.
Candidate Requirements
  • 5+ years of experience working as a Software Engineer;
    Must have solid experience with Databases;
    Experience with: Python or Java or Go language;
    Advanced English.
Nice to have
  • Experience working with memory cache;
  • Experience designing high performance queries VoltDB.
  • MySQL Experience.
  • SQL Performance tuning.
  • Microservice architectures.
  • Knowledge of AWS – EC2 / RDS / S3 / SQS, Kafka / Celery / Flask / Django / Supervisord / MongoDB.
  • Dev-ops skill set and experience.
  • Knowledge of Jira / Clubhouse.io or other project management tool.
  • Payment systems experience.
  • Websockets experience.
  • Be Brazilian and reside in Brazil.
What we offer
  • Remote Position.
  • Work with a global team.
  • Paid in USD.


Senior Back-end Engineer

Job ID: E00010
Location: Remote and/or Brazil
Salary range: $2.8K – 7K USD Monthly