How Generation Z talents are reshaping the workplace

Generation Z talents (born after 1995) are beginning the professional journey when the workplace is changing dramatically. According to a report commissioned by social media company Snap Inc, the number of Generation Z employees is set to triple over the next decade, bringing a burst of creativity and digital skills. For organizations to attract and retain the best and brightest of the generation, it will require a different mindset:

Diversity as a Growth Engine

Diversity as a Growth Engine

When thinking about diversity, most leaders think about a working environment that includes employees of different racial backgrounds, genders, physical abilities and disabilities, and sexual orientations. But a diversified workforce also consists of several different categories, such as different cultures, languages, and educational backgrounds.

So, what are the benefits of building a diverse workforce for your company?

The Evolution of Recruitment Technology

Regardless of the size of the company and the industry, HR is at the center of everything! Your success all comes down to just a straightforward question: Do I have the right talents in place with the right skills for the proper role? In the end, it is all about having the right team in place to execute your strategy! Trying to answer that question may not be as simple as it seems. You will usually find some significant improvements to be made in hiring processes, training methods, performance management, and employees’ well-being culture.

Hiring Strategy for Startup Owners


The only sustainable competitive advantage for any organization is finding the best talents and learning faster than the competition. And this is true for any industry! Hiring talents for a startup is a very different process compared to hiring for a well-recognized company. Building an effective team is one of the most challenging tasks for Startup owners. Startup owners do not have the internal resources to start an effective talent search.

Preparing leaders for hybrid or fully remote model

The pandemic has forced much of the workforce into remote working, and for many employees, this is the first time they have tried working from home. Although the concept of a hybrid or fully remote work, was not created during the COVID crisis

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