Hybrid work model. Would it work for you?

What is a hybrid work model?

The hybrid work model is halfway between remote work and office space work. It also can be defined as a location-flexible arrangement with employers and employees. The main point of this model is to allow workers to divide their working hours through the office and their home or any place the worker chose to perform their activities. This model was born a few years ago, it is true that with the pandemic, it became more popular, but it has remained as a result of the noticeable benefits that it has brought to everyone.

Is this model for every company?

Short answer, no. Even when this model presents higher adaptability characteristics, we can tell that it is not for every company or every worker.

Apart from the fact that many office tasks were switched from face-to-face to remote by a health need, it is clear that remote work is no longer sustainable for some companies; but maybe it is the beginning of a mixed model. To think about implementing a permanent hybrid model, you need to ask some questions that could lead you to develop the model that works for you or determine if it fits your business.

  • How did your team perform during the pandemic?
  • Were they able to perform in their homes?
  • Does your team need specific equipment or materials that only the office space provides?
  • Do your employees have essential face-to-face activities?

These simple questions will lead you to know if you have the opportunity to provide a different working model. You might identify areas where this model can be applied and cannot according to your business needs. The key to making it work is to use it in your favor and create a model that allows you to increase your team’s productivity and satisfaction, bringing more benefits for your company.

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