Networking to find a job

According to plenty of statistics, 80% of job offers are not published, which means that you can only apply, in traditional ways, to two of every ten possible jobs. The other ones are attainable only in two ways: a placement agency or a good network. Let’s talk about the last one; How could you use networking to find a job?

  • Create a database. You need to write down all the contact information of the people you know; not everyone you know will help you at the moment, you must identify who could and who could not. Remember to update this information constantly.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. If you realize that your circle, it’s not as comprehensive as you need, you should get out and meet new people. Going to seminars, conferences, late-night talks, joining social media network groups, even dinner with ex-coworkers or your former college classmates will help you.
  • Work on your branding. Just as a global company does it, you must define your personal brand. The way you introduce yourself, your business card, your speech, your portfolio, and even your email address should express the same message, who you are.
  • Designate resources. Keeping in touch with your circle of acquaintances requires time and money; we are not talking of expensive dinners; we talk about everyday activities: a phone call, going to a party, or maybe a congress. You have to define the quantity of money and time that you’ll invest in networking.
  • Develop an action plan. Once you have the first steps settled, you need to create a plan. How and when you will establish communication, try to make a long-term plan. The main point is to network as a habit, a habit that will give you benefits.
Remember, using networking to find a job is not asking job from every person you meet. It is a “win to win” deal; you should not just approach people with the primary objective to get a position in their companies; your goal is to open communication to be seen, collaborate as a professional, and be considered in people’s lives.

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